Gilded Swept Hilt Rapier, ca. 1600


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Hilt with forged bars of hexagonal section featuring large pas d’ane with three up-turned
concentric rings extending from its base, the uppermost one joining the knuckle bow.
Straight quillons swelling toward the tip. Reverse of the hilt features four bars extending
from the lower part of the pas d’ane and joining together before connecting to the knuckle
bow. Faceted bun-shaped pommel with large button finial. Grip with flat and twisted iron
wire wrap and braided turks heads top and bottom. Hexagonal-section 41 ½” blade with
long fluted ricasso and 9″ central fuller flanked on each side by a narrower fuller. Ricasso
stamped with 6 individual maker’s marks on each side; central fuller stamped with
indistinct lettering and an anchor mark at its end. Blade cleaned with moderate pitting on
the lower half and patches of heavy pitting on the upper half. Hilt also with patches of
heavy pitting. Overall length 47 ½”. Fine quality and in better condition would be three
times the price. Good rapiers are becoming harder to find and commanding much higher
prices than a few years ago.