Italian Hunting Cutlass, 18th C


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Featuring heavy 13″ slightly in-curved single-edged blade with full length central fuller and
remains of lightly etched floral decoration; the last 4″ double-edged. A deeply struck
bullseye and chiseled eyelash gives the end of the blade the appearance of a bird’s head
with large beak. Ricasso stamped with “AC” maker’s mark; the other side with old painted
collection number “K109″. Steel hilt with mother-of-pearl slab grips (reverse cracked and
chipped) and integral chiseled bird’s head pommel. Original brown leather scabbard with
brass throat featuring painted collection number “K109″ and frog button; drag and some
leather on the lower part missing. Overall length 18 1/4″, not including scabbard. Shows
great age and signs of significant use, still retaining a sharp edge.