Prussian M1715/1786M Infantry Saber, Waterloo


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Two-piece cast brass guard featuring heart-shaped guard with rear quillon and integral
knucklebow joining the pommel. Solid brass grip with spiral grooving on the obverse and
smooth on the reverse with pommel cast integrally. Underside of guard marked “1Y.1.6”
(Y reversed) representing the equipment order number. Engraved “3: No.186.28.L.R.” on
reverse of knucklebow for “3rd Battalion of the 28th Landwehr Regiment, weapon 186”.
The 3rd Battalion of that regiment were fusilier infantrymen commanded by Major Baron
Quadt von Hictenbrock I as part of the 2nd Brigade of the Prussian I Corps at Waterloo.
The 25″ curved single-edged blade with narrow fuller near the back edge engraved with
the royal cypher of Frederick William III and a small floral decoration on the ricasso. Thick
leather blade washer. Original black leather scabbard with brass frog clip. Very good
condition; the blade with light pitting and wear to engraving, mostly from scabbard
abrasion; brass with lovely brownish-gold patina; scabbard showing minor scuffs and
small tear by the internal brass ball-shaped drag. Overall length 31″, not including
scabbard. Uncleaned since its period of use. Cheap for a sword that certainly saw action
at Waterloo. The model was replaced the following year.