Rare Eastern European Cavalry Officer’s Sabre, 17th C


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The broad curved 27 1/8″ blade with double fullers, widening toward the point, is typical of swords of Eastern Europe where they fought the Turks for centuries. It bears the deeply stamped double eyelash marks often found on blades from Eastern Austria, Hungary, and Poland. Iron guard with knuckle bow and side bar, each with a central double knob; two asymmetrical side rings, each filled with an embossed iron plate; reverse thumb ring; original leather and cord wrapped wood grip (wear and a few worm holes); and slanted iron capstan pommel. This style guard is similar to those found in South Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but the curved grip and slanted capstan pommel are uniquely Eastern European. The decorative plates indicates it was likely made for an officer. It has never been apart and blade is still sharp and ready for battle. This is a real fighting sword of a style we have never encountered, but it is unquestionably 100% original. This exact sword is from the collection of Professor Petkovic of Zagreb, Croatia (author of several books on swords) and was featured in an exhibition catalog of the Muzeji Zagorja in Croatia in 2003. Overall length 31 ½”.