Scarce Bavarian M1788 Chevauleger Cavalry Officer’s Saber


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Featuring lovely curved 33 1/4″ single-edged blade with broad single fuller; engraved,
blued, and gilt over its upper third with floral decor, stands of arms, the crowned cypher of
Bavarian King Maximilian I Joseph (reigned 1806-1825) and maker’s name in script
“Schimmelbusch & Sohn” on the ricasso on one side and “in Solingen” on the other. Steel
hilt with knuckle bow squared at the base, reverse scroll quillon, and joining the capstan
pommel with integral back strap; two curved branches extending from the quillon block to
the knuckle bow. Checkered ebony grip in the French manner with fluted steel ferrule at
the base. Steel scabbard with twin carry rings. The Schimmelbusch Family of Solingen
bladesmiths date back to the early 17th C and remained in business until the end of WWII.
While there were numerous family members in the blade making trade using various
marks, the mark “Schimmelbusch & Sohn” was used from 1821-1855, making this likely
from the later part of Maximilian I Joseph’s reign. Maximilian was an ally of Napoleon
when he took the throne, but on the eve of the Battle of Leipzig he guaranteed the
integrity of his kingdom through the Treaty of Reid (8 October, 1813), joining the allies
opposed to Napoleon and declared war on France on 14 October, 1813. After the final
fall of Napoleon, he fought fiercely for the independence of Bavaria. Sword in very good
condition with smooth blade and very minor imperfections and loss to the blued and gilt
decoration. Steel hilt with minor age staining; the wood grip near perfect. Overall length
39″, not including scabbard.