Swedish Broadsword with Scabbard, ca. 1630


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Iron hilt comprising flat-section bars featuring vertically recurved quillons with scroll finials;
large heart-shaped side ring with inserted plate punched with round holes; integral knuckle
bow screwed to the heart-shaped pommel with button. Ribbed wood grip with twisted iron
wire wrap finished with Turks heads; oval side ring with integral thumb loop on reverse. Hilt
engraved on the obverse with floral and geometric decoration. Double-edged 31″
broadsword blade of lens section deeply struck with a king’s head mark on both sides. The
mark is probably that of either Johannes or Peter Wundes, both of Solingen and working
at the time this sword was made. Re-worked black leather scabbard with brass drag and
throat with frog button. Overall length 37″. Not including scabbard. Sword of the type
carried by the troops of King Gustavus Adolphus during the Thirty Years War.