Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, ca. 1660, Probably Dutch


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Of relatively simple form, but of exceptional workmanship and condition. Slender 38″
hexagonal blade with short fuller. Stamped in the fuller on both sides is “MEVES BERNS”.
The Berns family of swordsmiths goes back to the late 15th Century. They were active in
Solingen until the late 18th Century. This blade was probably made by Batholomaus
Berns the Younger (1590-1650) during the first half of the 17th Century. His blades
appear on a number of fine quality rapiers in public and private collections, all marked
“MEVES BERNS” or similar derivation. Iron hilt of broad flat bars, including double shell
guard with molded border, knuckleguard, and faceted pommel. Punched and engraved
throughout with flowers and scrolling foliage. Spirally carved figured hardwood grip with
twisted wire and Turks heads. In absolutely perfect condition for a sword over 350 years old!