Turkish Shamshir Made for a Young Prince, Mid-18th C

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Mameluke style hilt of gilt copper featuring short straight quillons with button finials and
long half langets; decorated over its entire surface with chiseled flowers and foliage.
Deeply curved 16 ½” single-edged blade showing signs of Damascus forging (wear and
patches of light pitting). Leather-covered wood scabbard with scalloped gilded copper
reinforcing at front and back edges and embossed gilt copper mounts decorated ensuite;
twin carrying rings. Gilding worn and remaining mostly in protected areas. Overall length
20″, not including scabbard. A miniature shamshir of excellent quality, clearly made for a
youth of great wealth and importance, showing age and wear consistent with actual period
use. It was the practice of royalty to train their male youth in the martial arts from a very
early age, since their family dynasties were largely dependent upon their military prowess.
Similar example illustrated in “Islamic Weapons, Maghrib to Moghul” by Anthony Tirri, fig.
140, page 204. Very rare! Perfect gift for a youth interested in military history.