Unique Saxon Miner’s Axe, ca. 1700


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Over the years we have had a number of Saxon miner’s axes, but this unique example is
unlike any we’ve ever seen. Instead of the large flat unadorned blade, it features a small
axe head with hammer head on reverse, similar to a warhammer. The head is chiseled
with acanthus and geometric designs and a pierced shield with the crossed miner’s tool
logo of the Saxon Miner’s Guild; the number “5808″ is engraved on one side. The head
is secured with a fluted conical finial with engraved design. Mounted on round ebonized
wood handle with long engraved base shoe featuring integral chiseled flower petal end
cap. Quality workmanship. Metal parts very good, with minimal wear. Wood haft shows
minor dings and scrapes from age and use. Overall length 29 ½”.