US Eagle Head Infantry Officer’s Sword, probably by Ketland, ca. 1810


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William Ketland & Co. of Birmingham, England is best known for their flintlock firearms,
but between 1804 and 1812 the firm exported many eaglehead pommel infantry and
artillery swords to dealers in New York, such as George Upson and Richards, Upson &
Co. This example with two-piece brass hilt featuring stirrup guard (somewhat loose) with
reverse scroll quillon, langets, and integral knuckle bow with star and ball motif connecting
to the Ketland-style eagle head pommel. One-piece reeded bone grip with brass base
ferrule. Single-edged 30″ blade with full-length single fuller, decorated over its upper half
with alternating gold-filled engravings of foliage and stands of arms and etched floral
panels. On the ricasso is some writing in gold, but it is very difficult to see because it is
covered by the langets. Etching clear and nearly all the gold filling remains in the
engravings, but there is minor age staining and some shallow edge nicks. In its original
brass scabbard with twin carrying rings and integral drag. The drag intentionally dented to
help secure the blade. Overall length 35″, not including scabbard.