West Javanese Keris (Kris) Solo Dagger with 18th C Blade

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A West Javanese Keris with 18th century blade. From Kartasura, the capital of the
Sultanate of Mataram. Asal (origin): Surakarta. The Keris with a hand forged ‘5 Luk’
waved Wilah (blade), consists of Pamor steel forged in different layers of iron (pattern
type: ‘Beras Wutah Wengkon’). Dapur in ‘Pandawa’ (Elephant trunk shape) and later
‘Pudak Sategal’. Gilded Mendak (cuff) between hilt and blade of ‘Kendit’ type with inset
red and white gems. Ukiran (hilt) in ‘Nunggak Semi’ shape and carved from figured Pelet
Nyamel wood. Warangka (scabbard throat) of ‘Ladrang Ksatriyan’ type (boat-shaped) and
made from hand-carved Trembalo Iras wood. Gandar (scabbard body) with brass Pendok
(cover), Blewah Polos in Tombak. Length of the blade, including ‘Pesi’ (tang of the blade):
14 1/4″; overall 16 5/8″.

Between 1680 and 1755, Kartasura was the capital of the Sultanate of Mataram. This
Sultanate was the last major independent Javanese kingdom on Java before the island
was colonized by the Dutch. It is commonly referred to as the Kartasura era or period of
the Mataram sultanate. It preceded the transfer to Surakarta by Pakubuwana II.