WWII Era US Navy or Merchant Marine Engine Order Telegraph


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Used on the bridge of an unidentified WWII era US Navy or merchant ship to
mechanically signal speed information to the engine room, these engine order telegraphs
have become quite collectible due to their attractive heavy brass construction. This
example, weighing 108 pounds on its walnut base, stands 48″ high with a 12 1/4″ diameter
face and single brass lever. The black plastic dial is inscribed with white hashmarks for
speed “ASTERN” and “AHEAD”, as well as central “STOP” position. There are no visible
makers marks, which is unusual, but it is undoubtedly a period original, once painted with
several coats of battleship gray paint and taken from a marine salvage yard in Baltimore
many years ago. The paint has been removed and it now shows a lightly patinated brass
finish. The handle still operates the heavy steel shaft inside which was attached to a steel
coupler below the base (now detached) to mechanically connect to its engine room
counterpart. These usually sell for $2500 and up and can go much higher if they are
positively identified to a specific ship of historical interest. Unfortunately, the scrap yards
rarely recorded the name of the ship when these were salvaged and they were rarely
marked with a ship’s name. No serious nautical collection is complete without one. Price
includes ground shipping and crating in the contiguous US.