WWII US Navy Destroyer Trench Art Lamp


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The base is made from a US 5″ shell casing, like those fired from most WWII destroyers.
Mounted upon this is a complete inert 40mm shell flanked by a pair of .50 cal cartridges.
The 40mm shell bears the manufacturing marking “DMCO 3-42″ and is engraved with a
front view of a destroyer with the words “Wake”, “Rabaul”, and “Tarawa”, while the .50 cal.
shells are engraved “Sipan” (sic) and “Guam”. Surmounting the 40mm shell is a switched
light socket fitted with a base and glass globe. Can also be used with a lamp shade (not
included). Overall height 24 ½”. Very good condition and the light and switch both work.
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