All-metal Flintlock Pistol in the Style of Scottish Highland Maker Murdoch


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Featuring 7 3/4″ multi-stage .50 caliber round barrel with octagonal cannon muzzle and
fluted breech, stamped with a crowned proof mark; rear notch sight. Steel stock featuring
rams horn butt with vacant oval silver escutcheon and screw-in vent pick. Steel tube
ramrod thimble with turned multi-stage ramrod. Flat lock plate which notches into the rear
of the stock and is fastened with a screw at the front; flat serpentine cock with flint in its
jaws. Very good condition, the metal smooth with some minor stains and rust marking. The
Murdochs were a well-known family of Scottish gunsmiths who made all-metal flintlock
pistols in the mid to late 18th Century. While this gun is in their style, it was made later and
not from their workshops. Overall length 12 1/2″.