English Flintlock Trade Pistol by Sharpe, First Quarter 19th C


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Flat lockplate with line border and feather cluster design behind cock; with a crown over “NR” and marked “SHARPE” (1800-1840). Flat cock with beveled edges and line border. 8″ round .58 cal. barrel with Birmingham proofs, a series of stars, and marked “EXTRA/SHARPE/PROOF at breech; tang with line border and broad arrow stamp. Brass furniture includes butt cap, ramrod thimbles, and sideplate and trigger guard with engraved snowflake design. Silver wrist escutcheon crudely engraved with letters “CF”. Walnut stock with small crack on fore end; wood ramrod. Metal parts cleaned. These early trade pistols were highly prized by the Indian tribes. This exact gun is pictured in Lar Hothem’s “Rare and Unusual Indian Artifacts”, page 386. Tom Richards Collection.