Beautiful Japanese Samurai Tanto (Dagger)


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Featuring mumei (unsigned) 9 1/4″ shinshinto blade in good polish with broad midare
hamon (irregular temper line); the nakago (tang) with single mekugi-ana (hole for mounting
peg). Copper habaki (metal collar between blade and guard) decorated with diagonal lines
appearing like blades of grass. Iron tsuba (guard) with slot for kozuka (side knife),
decorated with gold flowers. Pebbled copper fuchi (collar) with raised gold decoration.
Traditional same (rayskin grip) with a pair of lovely menuki (grip decorations). Leather ito
(grip braid). Iron kashira (pommel) with copper decoration. Kozuka (side knife), the blade
signed with inlaid copper. Black lacquered saya (scabbard) with pebbled surface and
modern copper-colored sageo (cord). Tanto of very fine quality in fine condition, the
kozuka with some corrosion. Overall length 14 3/4″, not included scabbard.