British Pattern 1793 (India Pattern) Flintlock Musket, ca. 1800


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Slightly convex lock plate with rear teat and double line border, stamped “TOWER” vertically
behind the cock, and crown over “GR” with crowned broad arrow government ordnance
mark and “I GILL” forward of the cock. The typical swan-neck cock has been replaced with
a Pattern 1809 ring-neck cock, probably during its working life, as the more fragile swan-
neck cocks often broke in heavy field use. Tapering round 39 1/4″ barrel of .78 caliber with
ring decoration at the breech, stamped with clear Tower proof marks and crown over “20″
inspector’s mark near the vent hole. Walnut full stock with 1800-dated storekeeper’s mark
and “GILL” behind the trigger guard, “ET” behind the side plate, and various inspector’s
marks in the ramrod channel. Regulation brass mounts, including serpentine side plate,
butt plate with stepped tang, trigger guard, three ramrod thimbles, and fore end cap. Steel
sling swivels and later ramrod with button tip and threaded end. At the time this musket
was made, it was common to mark a “J” with a capital “I”, so the signature “I. Gill” is
probably that of John Gill, which Stockel records as working from 1802-1828 in Birmingham.
Overall length 55″. Very good condition, the steel with clear markings and mottled brown
patina, the stock with a few scattered dents and a well-worn sliver missing forward of the
frizzen; brass with pleasing age patina. This pattern musket saw extensive use during the
Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812.