Chiseled and Pierced Gold & Silver Damascened Cuphilt Rapier, Mid-17th C

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Magnificently crafted hilt featuring hemispherical cup guard with roped edge, pierced and
chiseled with classical foliate decoration and featuring a central band of gold damascened
wrigglework interspersed with gold and silver rosettes and surrounded by gold and silver
acanthus decoration. Long, straight, spiral twisted quillons with button finials; large pas
d’ane attached to the inside of the cup guard with a pair of screws and featuring a large
guardopolvo, pierced and chiseled ensuite. Knuckle bow extending from the quillon block,
chiseled to match the quillons, and stopping just short of the diagonally fluted bun-shaped
pommel with button. The grip of steel, pierced and chiseled with acanthus to match the
cup guard. Unmarked double-edged 41 1/4″ blade of hexagonal section with short central
fuller. Hilt in very good condition and retaining about 70% of the original damascened
decoration. The blade with slight bend, light pitting, and dark patina. Overall length 50″
(127 cm). Spanish or North Italian, of exceptional quality.