Chiseled and Pierced Spanish or Portuguese Cuphilt Rapier, Mid-17th C

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Steel hilt featuring hemispherical cup with rolled edges; pierced, chiseled, and embossed
with intricate pattern of foliage and acanthus in classical style (minor defects). Long
straight quillons in spiral form with button finials; knuckle bow decorated ensuite. Large
pas d’ane and disc-shaped guardapolvo, both attached to the cup with screws. Matching
pommel with button; original ribbed grip with twisted iron wire and six faceted longitudinal
bars in the grooves, secured with ferrules top and bottom. Slender 39 1/4″ German-made
blade of hexagonal section with long fluted ricasso and central fuller stamped “x ENRIQUE
x COEL x ESPADERO x EN x ALAMANIA xx” on one side and “x MEV x SINNAL x
SANTISMO x CRUCIFICTO xx” on the other, with anchor marks on both sides. Enrique
Coel, more commonly known as bladesmith Heinrich Kohl, was active in Solingen from ca.
1580-1620, and then in Toledo from ca. 1620-1640. His son, also Heinrich (Enrique), was
active in Solingen, ca. 1650-1700. Both are known to have made and marked blades for
the Spanish and Portuguese trade. Overall length 44″. Very good condition; partially
cleaned with rust patina in protected areas.