Medieval Knightly Broadsword, 14th/15th C


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Probably of Eastern European origin, the broad double-edged blade is 31 1/2″ long with
three narrow fullers extending less than half the blade’s length. The iron cross guard is
forged in two pieces of flat-section iron, with the ends looping around to stop just short of
the guard. The two pieces are forged together with a gap at the center to allow the blade
tang to pass through. The pommel is of flattened oval shape with a central depression on
both sides. Both this guard and pommel style are found on 14th and 15th C swords from
Hungary and other Eastern European countries. Overall length 36 7/8″. Cleaned and
conserved excavated condition with very dark patina. Very similar sword illustrated in
“Europaische Hieb-und Stichwaffen”, by Muller, et al, on pages 170 & 171