Chiseled French Rapier, 3rd Quarter 17th C


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Iron hilt featuring straight reverse quillon with lion head finial, pas d’ane connected to a
kidney-shaped guard plate, and knucklebow attached to the ovoid pommel; all chiseled
ensuite with classical figures in low relief on a blackened background, the raised areas
bare. Partially pierced guard plate features battle scene on both sides depicting horsemen
clashing with swords; the pommel on both sides with a reclining bare-breasted noble lady;
quillon block with figures kneeling on both sides. Original vertically fluted grip with fine
twisted iron wire wrap and Turks heads. Double-edged 31 ½” blade of hexagonal-section
with short central fuller featuring illegible inscription; anchor mark at the fuller’s end on both
sides (worn). Overall length 37 5/8″. Very good quality, showing dark patina, wear and
scattered pitting. For similar example see “Edged Weapons Vol. II”, by Heribert Seitz.