Civil War Gwyn & Campbell Type I Carbine


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Made by Edward Gwyn and Abner Campbell, of Hamilton, Ohio, approximately 8200 of the
Type I and Type II carbines were made for Union cavalry between 1862 and 1864. This
Type I carbine, known as the “Grapevine” carbine, features .52 caliber 20″ round barrel with
octagonal section near the breech. Folding adjustable long base rear sight. Single shot
falling block action operated by a long serpentine lever with a trigger-like latch in the rear
loop. Walnut butt stock with iron butt plate, blued barrel and casehardened frame, lock, and
hammer. Saddle ring on short bar on left side of the frame. Barrel and frame with serial
number “4029″, breech block and lever “1851″. Frame stamped vertically “UNION RIFLE”
on the right side below the nipple; lock plate stamped “GWYN &
CAMPBELL/PATENT/1862/HAMILTON O” in an arch. Long rounded serpentine hammer.
Metal with light pitting, heavier at the breech. Wood very good, with minor handling marks.
Mechanically excellent. These carbines were used primarily by western Union cavalry
regiments, including the 7th Tennessee, 5th & 8th Ohio, 4th & 8th Missouri, 3rd Wisconsin, 2nd &
3rd Iowa, 2nd & 3rd Arkansas, 5th, 6th, & 16th Illinois, 2ns, 6th, & 14th Kansas, and the 10th, 12th,
& 14th Kentucky.