German Pre-WWII Tipp & Co. Model 8.8 cm Flak 36 Gun and Searchlight


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Tin plate model of the famous German dual-purpose anti-aircraft/anti-tank gun, known
simply as the “88″. This pre-war model features 5 1/4″ sliding barrel on a mount with wheels
operating both elevation and traverse. The breech features a cap-firing mechanism.
Painted in 3-color camouflage. Also included is a battery-operated search light made of tin
plate with wheel operating its elevation. The lens is hinged to allow for bulb replacement.
The wires would have been attached to some kind of battery pack (not present). Very
good condition, with minor paint wear from normal use. Recently received from Germany,
such models would have been cherished by German boys growing up in pre-war Nazi
Germany, many of whom were members of the Hitler Youth and later saw action in
Germany’s armed forces during WWII.