Civil War Smith’s Patent Saddle Ring Carbine

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The Smith Carbine was patented by Gilbert Smith of Buttermilk Falls, New York and sold
through agents Thomas Poultney and D.B. Trimble of Baltimore. They were manufactured
by the firms of American Machine Works of Springfield, Massachusetts and Massachusetts
Arms Co. and American Arms Co., both of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Almost all the
production was purchased by the US Government for cavalry use during the Civil War. It
features a 21 5/8″ octagonal to round blued barrel in .50 caliber, casehardened breech,
iron mounts, and walnut stock. Folding adjustable rear sight and front blade sight. The
carbine is loaded by depressing the spring-loaded brass latch located inside the trigger
guard at the forward end, releasing the barrel to pivot downward. This example with
matching serial number 17893, the breech stamped “MANUFACTURED BY/MASS ARMS
“SMITHS PATENT” behind the saddle ring bar. Walnut stock with two clear inspector
cartouches, showing a few scattered dings and scratches from field use. Barrel retains a
good amount of the original bluing and scattered light pitting on the remainder of the metal.
Mechanically excellent. Overall length 39″. Among the Union cavalry regiments equipped
with the Smith Carbine were the 3rd West Virginia, 7th and 11th Illinois, 1st Connecticut, 7th
and 17th Pennsylvania, 6th and 9th Ohio, and the 1st Massachusetts.