Eastern European Lobster Tail “Zischagge” Helmet, 17th C


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The zischagge originated in Eastern Europe, having its design influenced by Islamic
helmets. It provided excellent vision and protection for the cavalry of the day and soon its
use spread throughout most of Europe. Called a “lobster tail” helmet in England and the
Colonies due to its rear neck defense resembling a lobster’s tail. This example of atypical
construction featuring high two-piece ribbed skull, with hanging stud and star-shaped plate
at its apex. The broader than normal visor is integrally forged with the skull and has a seam
in the middle where the nasal bar passes through. Thumb screw to secure the adjustable
sliding nasal bar. Lobster tail rear neck defense plate of four simulated lames. Original
cheek pieces with later leather attachment straps. Metal with dark brown rust patina. This
is the first example we have encountered with this unique construction method, though it
would seem to offer advantages over more traditional methods.