European Left Hand Dagger, 17th C Style


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Entirely hand-forged and clearly showing lamination in both blade and guard, this dagger
features hilt of flattened iron bars, consisting of large downward-curved quillons and large
single side ring. Mushroom-shaped pommel with button, the grip with coarse twisted iron
wire wrap. Unmarked double-edged 17 3/8″ blade of flattened diamond section; the tip
slightly damaged. Overall length 22 3/4″. Very good condition, showing age and pitting; the
guard somewhat loose. While this dagger shows genuine age, is clearly hand-forged,
showing lamination throughout, and was sold as original 17th C by the previous dealer, we
believe it doesn’t have the feel and workmanship of a 17th C piece, and more likely dates to
the 19th C.