Fighting Knife made from French M1822 Saber


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Period modified wicked fighting knife made from a French Model 1822 Light Cavalry Saber.
The blade was shortened from the point to a length of 15 1/4″, with the tip slightly clipped
and the edge sharpened. The two side branches of the brass guard were also removed,
leaving just the knuckle bow, which is connected to the pommel. Leather-wrapped grip
bound with twisted brass wire, missing one turn at the bottom. Guard and blade are
profusely marked in the French manner with inspection stamps and the number “18531″ on
the knuckle bow. Spine of blade marked in script to the Chatellerault Arsenal with a date of
“187(?)6″. These French digits are often difficult to read and the inscription is also worn, so
we are unsure of the 3rd digit, but we think it is a “7″. In its original steel scabbard, cut
down from the throat to an appropriate length. Condition very good, as modified; the blade
with grinding marks, brass with age patina, and scabbard with patches of pitting. Overall
length 21″, not including scabbard. It actually makes a very good fighting knife and is more
practical for the period than it would be as a sword.