Fine Italian Etched and Gilt Morion Cabasset, ca. 1600


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Both the morion and the cabasset originated in Spain in the 16th Century and became a
common form of military helmet used throughout Europe. The morion generally featured a
comb on the helmet’s ridge and a curved brim that turned upward to a point at the front and
back. The cabasset featured a flat brim and a skull that came to a point with a stalk at the
peak. The much rarer morion cabasset featured the curved brim of the morion and the
peaked skull of the cabasset. This example finely formed of two pieces with the seam so
expertly done that it is hardly noticeable from the inside and invisible from the outside. The
brim features a turned and roped edge. The high skull comes to a peak with rearward
facing stalk. It is etched and gilt on both sides with classical figures of warriors in an oval
with stippled background surrounded by foliage, mermaids, and serpents. Front and rear
panels are etched and gilt with foliage and classical male heads in profile. The brim and
base border ribbon are etched and gilt in classical foliate design. Border surmounted with
14 brass rosette-head rivets retaining remnants of blackening. Inside retains dark rust
patina. Etched and gilt decoration generally in very good condition showing minor wear,
possibly restored at some point in the past. Skull with pleasing plum brown patina, several
shallow dents and minor rust marking. Very attractive helmet of high quality in fine
condition for its age.