Fine Signed Koto Era (15th/16th C) Japanese Katana in Samurai Mounts


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Traditionally hand-forged 27 11/16″ (measured kissaki to mune machi) blade of
tamahagane steel in good polish, featuring midare (irregular) hamon (temper line) and
itame (wood grain) hada; the nakago (tang) signed BISHU OSAFUNE NORIMITSU, Bizen
Province. Traditional samurai mounts, featuring iron tsuba (guard) chiseled with foliage
and birds with gold highlights, brass fuchi (grip collar) with cherry blossoms, detailed
copper menuki, and kashira (pommel) with gold highlights. Traditional tzuka (grip) with
same (rayskin) and dark blue ito (silk braid wrap). Black lacquered wood saya (scabbard).
Overall length 39 ½”, not including scabbard. These early Bizen swordsmiths are
considered some of Japan’s best.