Fine Quality German Hunting Plug Bayonet, Mid-18th C


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Featuring iron guard with down-turned diamond-faceted shell, cup-shaped diamond
faceted grip ferrule, and “flint-knapper” quillons. The ferrule, quillons, and quillon block
virtually identical to Fig. 171 in “The Plug Bayonet”, by R.D.C. Evans. Dark hardwood
grip topped with cylindrical-shaped pommel with button. Single-edged 17″ double-fullered
blade etched with acanthus and hunting scenes depicting hounds chasing a boar on one
side and hounds chasing a stag on the other. The blade has heavy corrosion, especially
toward the point, yet the etching remains fairly clear. Hilt with dark rust patina. Overall
length 19 1/4″.