Fine Quality German Rapier, ca. 1640


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Featuring quality chiseled steel hilt consisting of large down-turned reverse quillon, smaller
forward scroll quillon, a shell-shaped downward-angled plate (slightly damaged) extending
from the quillon block, large asymmetrical side ring joining the knuckle bow, which is
screwed to the ovoid pommel; chiseled ensuite with acanthus on the reverse quillon, side
ring, shell plate, knuckle bow, and pommel. Thumb ring on reverse. High quality grip
wrapped with several sizes of twisted iron wire and finished with Turks heads top and
bottom. Straight, double-edged 35 ½” blade of diamond section, with 6″ double fullers
bearing a partially obscured inscription which appears to show the maker’s name of Caspar
Meiershofer on one side. Meiershofer is recorded as working in Passau. The metal partially
cleaned and mostly smooth with minor pin-prick pitting and age staining. Tight and well-
balanced. Overall length 41 1/2″.