Fine Signed and 1681 Dated Shinto Katana in Samurai Mounts

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Traditionally forged 27 5/8″ blade (measured kissaki to mune machi) of tamahagane steel
in good polish with wide Toran-midare (large crashing waves) hamon (temper line), o-
kissaki (long point), itame hada (wood grain), and ihori mune (angled back edge); nakago
(tang) with single mekugi-ana (peg hole) signed TSUDA ECHIZEN NO KAMI SUKEHIRO
and Dated EMPO KU NEN HACHI GATSU (1681). Traditional Samurai mounts, featuring
iron tsuba (guard), shakudo (black gold) menuki of dragon form with gold highlights, and
matching shakudo fuchi (collar) and kashira (pommel) with raised gold highlights. Tsuka
(grip) with white same (rayskin) and brown ito (silk braid wrap). Black lacquered wood saya
(scabbard). Tsuda Sukehiro (2nd generation) was a top-ranked swordsmith of Settsu
Province who developed the Toran-midare pattern hamon. A juyo papered sword by this
same smith of very similar size and form sold in 2020 for 12 million yen (approximately
$91,000 USD in 2023). Overall length 38 7/8″, not including scabbard. This sword was
made during a period when smiths had to produce flashy high-quality swords to please a
smaller peacetime market. Best katana we have ever had.