Flintlock Wender Pistol, Late 17th/Early 18th C


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Featuring twin rotating 13″ octagonal-to-round barrels of approximately .50 caliber; each
fitted with its own pan and frizzen. Barrel tang with engraved acanthus design. Rounded
lockplate engraved with illegible maker’s name; single swan-neck cock. Walnut full stock
with relief carving around the lockplate and tang and incised decoration between the
barrels. Steel trigger guard with barrel release lever at the front; rounded steel butt cap.
Wood ramrod with bone tip and a pair of fluted steel ramrod thimbles. Steel parts cleaned
and some repairs to the stock. Overall length 20 ½”. Many of these wender pistols have
been shortened over the years, but this example remains in its original long length.
Probably Dutch.