Imperial German Enlisted Artillery Sword, 2nd Half 19th C


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The hilt of this sword is like that of the Saxon M1874 Artillery Saber, featuring nonferrous
metal P-guard, dove-head pommel with integral backstrap, and reverse scroll quillon.
Ribbed brown leather grip. Unlike the M1874, which featured a slightly curved blade and
steel scabbard with single carry ring, this sword features a nickel-plated straight single-
edged 24 1/4″ blade and black leather scabbard with nonferrous metal drag and throat with
frog stud. Both guard and blade have the stamped number “53″. Good field-used
condition; the blade with some rust and flaking nickel plate; hilt showing use, wear, and
some corrosion; scabbard leather worn and fittings with corrosion. There is an included
leather belt frog in poor condition, lacking one strap and the other separated, but present.
Overall length 28 7/8″. This is a pattern sword we have not encountered before and cannot
positively identify its origin or model designation, but it is clearly German of the late 19th C
Imperial era.