Italian Horseman’s Broadsword, First Quarter 17th C

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Featuring broad 38 ½” flattened diamond-section blade with flat angular ricasso stamped
with a maker’s mark on each side and brass-inlaid line border. Iron hilt of round and oval-
section bars, straight crossguard with ball finials with small buttons, large side ring, pas
d’ane with smaller side ring extending from its base. Reverse guard with three small bars
extending from the quillon block and looping to join the base of the pas d’ane, and integral
thumb ring. Spherical pommel with large button; grip with later twisted brass wire wrap.
Quillons, side rings, and pommel all chiseled ensuite with pattern of small raised knobs.
Very fine quality fighting sword. Very good cleaned condition, the guard slightly loose and
blade with pitting, primarily on the lower half. Overall length 45 1/2″.