Japanese Samurai Wakizashi Sword


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The old traditionally forged 19 1/4″ blade, measured from kissaki to mune machi (tip to
back notch), features sugu (straight) hamon (temper line) and nearly full-length hi (fuller).
The nakago (tang) has an old dark patina and two mekugi-ana (hole for securing the blade
to the hilt). Old iron tsuba (guard) with delicate gold-filled decoration. The tsuka (hilt) of
traditional samurai form with plain brass fuchi (collar), cream-colored same’ (rayskin grip
wrap) and black ito (silk cord), fine old gilt copper menuki (grip ornaments), and plain brass
kashira (butt cap). Black-lacquered wood saya (scabbard) with brass koiguchi (throat) and
carry ring. Blade with several shallow kisu (edge nicks). Overall length 29″, not including