Nazi WWII Police Officer’s Sword


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Featuring nickel-plated hilt with black wood grip with aluminum wire wrap and copper eagle
and swastika medallion. Bright single-fullered 29 ½” blade; the long ricasso marked
“CLEMEN & JUNG/SOLINGEN” with a shield-shaped symbol below. The company
CLEMEN & JUNG was founded in 1860 and manufactured restraint systems, sabers,
rapiers, daggers and swords until the factory was destroyed in 1944. After the war the
factory was rebuilt and the firm still makes products for law enforcement and the military.
Black painted steel scabbard with nickel-plated drag (some rust and nickel loss) and
decorative throat with single carry ring. Blade and hilt near excellent and scabbard with
some scuffs to the black paint. Overall length 34 3/4″, not including scabbard. All German
police during the Third Reich were under the authority of the SS.