Polish-Hungarian Pallasch with Scabbard, Late 17th C


Broad straight 40″ single-edged blade with triple fullers over most of its length, the last 8″
double-edged and bearing a stamped star mark where it transitions. Stamped double
eyelash and star marks on one side. Iron hilt featuring long straight tapering flat quillons
(one with old brazed repair), the bottom featuring an oval recess which acts as a rain cover
for the scabbard; long slender double langets. Wood grip with leather-over cord wrap, the
end curved and bearing the copper-brazed capstan pommel; large star-shaped tang rivet.
In its restored leather-over-wood scabbard with riveted iron bands with a pair of double
carry rings and brazed iron drag; the leather replaced in modern times. Sword shows great
age with dark patina, pitting and wear to the metal. Overall length 45″, not including
scabbrd. This type sword was carried by armored cavalry and similar examples are found
in the Landeszeughaus in Graz, Austria, where they were used to defend against Ottoman