Rare Documented Iroquois Spontoon Tomahawk


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This rare spontoon war axe is from the famous collection of author Robert Wheeler.
Rarest of all tomahawks is the spontoon dating back to before the Lewis and Clark
expedition. Hand forged 9 ½” long by 2″ wide blade with round 1″ eye socket. Shows
beautiful dark age patina, curled basal lugs, and Wheeler’s white letter collection marking.
Beautiful heavy Iroquois fighting spontoon tomahawk which predates the Missouri war axe
tomahawk by 50 years.

This axe is seen in Robert Wheeler’s article in “The American Arms Collector”, October,
1957, vol 1 no. 4, p.128; the article entitled “The American Belt Axe 1650 to 1870”. Also
published in Lar Hothem’s “Ornamental Indian Artifacts”, page 390. Museum examples
are very rare and this has been a part of the Tom Richards Collection for over 40 years.
Most of these axes were found in graves of the Seneca Indians, who were the fiercest of
the Iroquois Confederation.