Fort Ticonderoga Revolutionary War Era Hammer Poll Tomahawk


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Found in the wall during a restoration of historic Fort Ticonderoga decades ago, this
scarce hammer poll tomahawk head is 6 ½” long, with a slightly convex 2 5/8″ cutting
edge and mushroom-shaped hammer head on reverse end. Lozenge-shaped eye with
half moon-shaped “ears”; no haft. It is from the former collection of author and collector
Robert Wheeler and bears his small white collection ID on the underside. Wheeler was
considered an expert on American Revolutionary War era and Native American weapons
and wrote several books on the subject. Dark brown patina over stabilized corrosion from
centuries of exposure to the elements. The hammer head shows extensive use, possibly
from the construction or repairs of the fort. Includes paper collector’s information tag. Fort
Ticonderoga was built in the mid-18th C and was of strategic importance during the
French and Indian War and the American Revolution, as it covered the important fur trade
routes in the area between Lake Champlain and Lake George.