Rare Venetian Hand-and-a-half Sword, ca. 1490


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Featuring hand-forged iron hilt of half-round and diamond-section bars with single side ring
joined to a large pas d’ane. Single quillon with scroll finial, short knuckle bow ensuite and a
diagonal bar extending from the base of the knuckle bow to the center of the side ring with
a grasping hand at the junction. Large iron pommel of schiavona style; leather-wrapped
wood grip. Broad 39 5/8″ double-edged blade with half-length central fuller, stamped with
an “S” maker’s mark on both sides on the ricasso (reverse strike weak). In a modern wood
storage scabbard with collection label at the throat. Overall length 47 7/8″, not inlcuding
scabbard. Very good condition for its age and does not appear to have ever been apart;
the hilt with dark brown patina, blade moderately pitted with a few shallow edge nicks. Grip
wrap possibly an old replacement. For similar Venetian swords, see “Armi Bianche
Italiane”. The “S” mark is found on other Venetian swords of the late 15th Century.