Silver Hilted Smallsword, Probably German, 2nd Half 18th C


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Featuring slender unmarked 29 3/8″ hollow-ground triangular-section blade with very sharp
point. Solid silver hilt featuring double down-turned quillons with scroll finials, small pas
d’ane connected to oval dish guard, the outside smooth and the inside with hatched
eyelash border. Integral knucklebow connected to the ovoid pommel with button; the entire
surface finely decorated with foliage and scrollwork; the pommel and quillon block pierced.
Grip with alternating faceted silver bands and straight and twisted silver wire (several
shallow dents). Original parchment over wood scabbard with silver throat with frog button,
single band with carry ring, and chape; all decorated ensuite with the sword hilt. These
scabbards are very fragile and rarely survive; this example appears to have a break
beneath the carry band because it can bend a bit at this point, however, it is still connected
and intact. Beautiful workmanship and very good condition. Overall length 35 ½”, not
including scabbard.