Silver Inlaid Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, Late 17th C

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Iron hilt with asymmetrical shell guard, pas d’ane, knuckle bow, single diagonal quillon, and
spherical pommel with button; inlaid with solid silver and chiseled in relief with classical
foliate decoration on a blackened background. The grip wrapped with single-strand copper
and twisted iron wire and finished with turks heads top and bottom. Slender diamond-
section 31 ½” blade with long hexagonal ricasso inlaid with brass in classical style and
bordered with triple fluting on each side. Overall length 37 3/4″. Beautiful condition with
very minor silver loss (primarily on the pommel); the blade with very light pitting and age
staining. These early smallswords show a level of artistry that is rarely equaled in later
examples, with intricately chiseled decoration as opposed to the cast hilts of most 18th C