US Eagle Pommel Infantry Officer’s Saber and Scabbard, ca. 1805


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Brass stirrup hilt with the “Weeping Eagle” pommel by Henry Osborne of Birmingham,
retaining only traces of a light silver wash, as typically found; vertically fluted bone grip and
brass collection tag with initials “RLB”. Curved 30″ single-edged blade with single broad
fuller running 3/4 of its length; the upper quarter with gold-filled engravings of foliage and
stands of arms in the manner of European officer’s swords of the early 19th C. Original
black leather scabbard with brass mounts and twin carry rings. Overall length 35 1/4″, not
including scabbard. Very good condition, the bone grip tight with no cracks; blade with
scattered light pitting and retaining most of its original gold filling; scabbard leather flaking,
but no splits or losses; frog button missing; brass with pleasing patina. This sword is
illustrated and described in “The American Eagle Pommel Sword, The Early Years-
1793-1830“, by E. Andrew Mowbray, p. 115, Fig. 16.E.