US M1860 Cavalry Saber by Ames


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The US M1860 Cavalry Saber was the standard cavalry sword of Union troops during the
Civil War, along with the heavier M1840 “Old Wrist Breaker”. Captured examples were
also frequently used by their Confederate counterparts, since their quality generally far
exceeded that of Confederate-made examples. This example by Ames features the
standard curved single-edged 34 3/4″ blade with broad 3/4-length fuller and shorter narrow
fuller at the back edge; the ricasso stamped “U.S./C.E.W./1864 on one side and “AMES
Mfg/CHICOPEE/MASS.” (worn and faint). Standard one-piece brass guard with knuckle
bow and conjoined two-branch side bars joining the brass capstan pommel, the quillon
engraved with script “H.B.” (probably owner’s initials). Original ribbed leather-wrapped grip
with twisted brass wire. Nickel-plated steel scabbard with twin carry rings. Hilt and grip
near mint, the blade smooth with minor age staining, scabbard with small areas of nickel-
plating worn away and one small dent. Overall length 40 3/4″, not including scabbard.