US M1860 Cavalry Saber by Emerson & Silver


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The US M1860 Cavalry Saber was the standard cavalry sword of Union troops during the
Civil War, along with the heavier M1840 “Old Wrist Breaker”. Captured examples were
also frequently used by their Confederate counterparts, since their quality generally far
exceeded that of Confederate-made examples. This example, by Emerson & Silver of
Trenton New Jersey, which had a contract to produce 20,060 Model 1860 Cavalry Sabers,
features 35″ curved single-edged blade with broad 3/4-length fuller and a shorter narrow
fuller at the back edge; the ricasso stamped “U.S/J.M/1865 on one side, and “Emerson &
Silver” in an oval, above “Trenton/NJ” on the other. Standard brass guard with knuckle
bow and two branches connected to the capstan pommel. Ribbed wood grip covered with
leather and wrapped with twisted brass wire. Original brown metal scabbard (some
corrosion) with twin carry rings. Very good condition, the guard with pleasing patina, blade
generally smooth with some scratches and age staining.