Well-documented Iroquois Spiked Tomahawk


Extremely rare, well documented, Iroquois spiked tomahawk, ca. 1800-1820 from the
collection of famed collector and author Robert Wheeler of Baltimore, with unquestionable
provenance. Wheeler had the most renowned collection of Revolutionary War and Native
American weapons. Pictured on page 128, Fig 4, in “The American Belt Ax 1650 to
1870″, from the American Arms Collector, Oct. 1957. Also pictured in “Who’s Who in
Indian Relics” No. 8 page 180, and in Lar Hothem’s, “Indian Trade Relics” page 120.
This example features hand-forged blade, 6″ long by 2 1/8″ wide, with oval eye and small
battle nick. Original untouched handle featuring extensive carved vine motif, dots, and top
haft notches, all with faint red ocher war paint. Wheeler’s tag reads “Iroquois spike axe
1800-1820″ and features his signature white inventory marking. Later buckskin strap.
Overall length 14 1/4”. The Iroquois were fearsome warriors with deadly fighting spike
axes and examples such as this with original haft are very rare. A centerpiece for any
Native American collection.