Austrian Dusegge Sabre, ca. 1600

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The dusegge was a broad-bladed sabre carried by foot soldiers primarily in Southern
German and Austria. This example with iron hilt featuring large single side ring, looping
knuckle guard, large down-turned rear quillon, and thumb ring with shell motif on the
reverse. Distinctive bird’s head pommel with square button; leather over cord wrapping
on the wood grip. Broad unmarked 28″ single-edged sabre blade with shallow fuller, the
last 9″ double-edged. Blade shows lamination, wear, a few edge nicks and pitting, and
the point is rounded. Overall length 33 ½”. A dusegge with very similar pommel,
knuckle guard, and quillons is pictured in “Schwert und Spiess, Landeszeughaus Graz”,
Example #138 on page 40.