British M1793 India Pattern Brown Bess Musket

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The India Pattern musket was a simplified alternative to the previous Short Land Pattern,
being about a pound lighter, 3″ shorter barrel, 3 ramrod pipes instead of 4, and featuring
simpler brass mounts. 39″ barrel of .75 caliber featuring clear Birmingham view and proof
marks at the breech and notched front sight. Lock plate with clear crown over “GR” in
front of the type I swan-neck cock with engraved double line border and “TOWER”
vertically behind the cock. Lock functions normally when removed from the stock, but the
trigger does not sufficiently engage the seer to make the hammer go beyond half cock, a
not uncommon problem with these. Walnut full stock with long comb and faint “BO” Board
of Ordnance stamp on left side of butt; overall sound with a few dents and scratches
typical of field use. Brass mounts including three ramrod pipes, fore end cap, serpentine
side plate, butt plate, and trigger guard (lacking sling swivel). Forward sling swivel present
above front ramrod pipe and featuring what appears to be the original steel ramrod. Metal
mostly smooth with very clear markings and just some light pitting on the hammer, rear of
lock plate, and around the touch hole. Brass mounts with pleasing mustard color patina.
Overall length 55″. While too late to see service in the American Revolution, this model
saw widespread use throughout the Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812. Hard to find an
example with clearer markings on the metal.