British P1796 Cavalry Officer’s Saber


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Unusual variation of this common British Napoleonic era cavalry saber, the 36 1/8″ curved
single-edged blade with single 3/4 length fuller at back edge with clipped point; crowned
“GR” Georgian cypher on one side near the hilt and marked “S Harvey Birm” in script on
the spine. This is likely The third Birmingham sword cutler by that name, who died in
1810. Hilt featuring iron stirrup guard with slot for sword knot, large rounded langets, and
scroll quillon. Dove-head pommel with integral back strap but not the riveted “ears” as
typically found; wood grip with cord and black leather wrap and ferrule at the base, no
wire. Original black LEATHER scabbard with embossed pattern of double lines and X’s
on the upper half; iron throat and chape, made for use with belt frog and never had
carrying rings. Scabbard worn and scuffed, but complete and leather supple. The typical
scabbard for this pattern was iron with twin carrying rings and this is the first example we
have seen with a leather scabbard. Likely an officer’s private purchase. Blade is also
atypical, being longer than most by about 4″ with only the Georgian cypher for decoration
and clipped point as opposed to the more common hatchet or spear point. Very good
condition; the blade generally smooth and bright with small areas of age staining and light
pitting. Overall length 40 3/4″. Not including scabbard